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        Haohe Paint Factory Luogang District Guangzhou is specialized in coating “HE” series of speakers paint manufacturer. In the basis of independent innovation, and some scientific research institutions, in the conventional wood coatings, based on the development of a series of high weathering resistance, salt spray, high impact resistance of the speaker quality paint.Production base is located in Guangzhou City Luogang, use of “quality + service” mode of operation, highlighting the practical application of science and technology in order to effectively change and enhance product quality and to give personalized products, but also in Guangdong Province and neighboring provinces the formation of a stable sales network, is a considerable strength and has a broad development prospects of the paint manufacturers.

        Haohe Paint products, emphasis on the protection of the environment, simplifying the operation process is simple and functional, break the traditional “BAYDERM - grinding ─ finish - spray point” of the coating method based on high solid content paint species, high performance characteristics of low Voc and spray directly topcoat point, there is no need BAYDERM, sanding, not only saves manpower, material resources, and improved the factory floor is dusty, but also gives a higher quality film. With powerful technology strength, advanced formulation system, the diversification of the quality assurance system of raw materials, exquisite workmanship. Science and technology human resources, engineering and technology professional services, Haohe Paint will surprise you and harvest.


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